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Biennial Seeds - Viola - Penny F1

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Penny F1
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Very uniform seies, programmable, tight branching and non-stretching under warm conditions. Suitable for autumn and spring flowering.

Height: 10-15cm

Colours: Azure Dawn, Beaconsfield, Black, Blue, Blue with Yellow Centre, Clear Yellow, Deep Blue, Deep Marina, Denim Jump Up, Marina, Marlies, Mickey, Orange, Orange Jump Up, Peach Jump Up, Primrose Bicolour, Primrose Blotch, Primrose Picotee, Purple Marina, Purple Picotee, Red Blotch, Red Wing, Red with Yellow Face, Rose Blotch, Tangerine, Violet, Violet Blue, White, White Blotch, White Jump-Up, Yellow, Yellow Blotch and Yellow Jump-Up

Mixes: Citrus Mix, Jump-Up Mix and Lane Mix.

Seed State: Natural