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About Breeders Seeds

In May 2010 Breeders Seeds was re born out of the acquistion by Wayne Smith and Veronique Dudicourt of Flower Seeds Direct.  Based in Louth in Lincolnshire Flower Seeds Direct had been trading very succesfully for 10 years under the guidance of Graham Wilkinson who had many years of experience in the seed inductry working for companies like Nickerson Seeds and Asmer Seeds. Graham build the business to be one of the leading flower and vegetable seed companies in the UK.

Wayne Smith and Veronique Dudicourt spent many years working for the now called Syngenta Seed company and decided to make the jump into ownership of their own company. On the first day of aquiring the company the name was changed to Breeders Seeds which they felt reflected the wide range of varieties being sold in flowers and vegetables and well as herbs, grasses, fruit seeds and cut flower.

A new brand emerged and shortly after new investment to state of the art packaging of all seeds to keep them at a high quality level for a longer period. Still today Breeders Seeds is one of the few companies that provide foil packing with an extra zip lock seal to help retain fresh seeds longer.

Working from Louth the directors chanced opon a site near Hull in Yorkshire that would offer the company 3 large modern glasshouses and over on acre of outside land in which to run extensive trials of products that would be offered to their customers. After some negotiation the site was secured and in March 2011 the whole company was relocated to Preston near Hull and into its new home. This gave Breeders Seeds the perfect platform to increase its offer to its loyal customer base, start a full scale trial program and work even closer with Breeders around the world to bring new and exciting products to the market.

In 2012 Breeders Seeds launched its first fully professional catalogue including over 100 new varieties mainly coming from its first year of major trials. We have been able to compare and contrast varieties from all the popular breeders as well as some small but very important breeders offering in some cases superior genetics and seed..

In 2013 the company made substantial investment in new seed machinery including one of the only steam air machines in Europe. We can now steam a wide selection of seeds to environmentally clean and dissinfect them free of disease. Along with new coating , drying and counting machines the company is continuing to provide its customers with one of the best all round offers in the market today.

2014 was the revamp of our website with functions to be able to purchase large or smaller volumes and be updated with changes. This helps us and the customer as we can keep our information dynamic. With printed catalogues they quickly become out of date as new varieties come through.

In 2015 we built some new glasshouses to continue our assesment work on genetics and also started to construct a new house dedicated to sweet pea production. Breeders Seeds is one of the leading suppliers of sweet pea seeds and we get numerous requests for improved colours , fragrance and stem quality. This invest should reap some rewards in 2016 /2017

Moving forward we have continued to look at further ways to expand the business outside of our normal trading areas. The world of flower and vegatable seed continues to change and we must change with the times to keep being able to supply excellent quality and service. Breeders Seeds is the biggest seed company certainly in Europe for the supply of coffee beans!! Yes Coffee beans. Obviously they are the seed from a coffee plant and are mainly green as a raw seed until roasted, ground and eventually served in Latte's and Americano's across the world.

We continue to expand our coffee offer with over 100 flavoured coffee beans now available as well as all the famour Jamacian Blue Mountain and Hawiian Kona types. Check out our offer at

We hope we can offer old and new customer the service and quality they expect on time and in full. Success in your business.

Wayne Smith

Managing Director

Breeders Seeds Ltd.