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Grass Amenity - Fast Grass - Lawn Seed

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Fast Grass - Lawn Seed
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Grass Amenity
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Fast Grass is a specially blended grass seed for the Northern European market that is proven to produce the fastest lawn possible. Growing at low temperatures this grass can be used to repaid patches or worn areas as well as full lawns of all sizes . It produces a superb green lawn. This is certified seed from a professional Defra registered company who breed in all types of grasses , herbs, wild flowers, vegetables, flowers. Breeding new varieties is our day to day business helping our customers of all sizes produce even better results.

We breed, test, trial, pack and deliver ourselves making sure we control all parts of our chain to control costs and deliver excellent results.

Fast grass is a combination of Strong creeping red fescue, dwarf amenity perennial ryegrass , chewing fescues and brown top bent to give an overall fast start and continued coverage.

1kg Grass Seed will Cover approx. 60 m2 (645 ft2). This is a premium quality seed, that will grow fast it is very hard wearing and made especially for our UK climate.

Fast to germinate and grow from a professional seed breeder. Top quality blend that is fast to establish grass seed, a hard-wearing and economical grass lawn seed mixture. You will not be dissappointed Lawn seed especially for UK and north European climate, for southern Europe contact for a more drought resistant special blend, contains our proven special mixture. Fully CERTIFIED: Registered by DEFRA. Acclaimed grass seed mix varieties Tip - rake area to be sown and lightly water the ground. Sow the seed by hand or use a seed sowing tool. Try and get an even spread. Rake again to spread the seed as evenly as possible. Roll the sown area lightly. If you don t have a roller then a simple way is to find a piece of flat board that you can lay directly on the sown area and stand on the board to firm the soil and seed. You don t need to jump up and down. Move around your sown area until all the area is gently flattened down. Working with 2 boards makes this easier to move around. Grass seed will germinate faster and better if pressed down rather that laying on the top of the soil. It also helps to stop birds from eating the grass. Our product experts are also available to help and advise.